Cook County Homeowner's Exemption Forms & Appeals

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1.  If you are a resident of Cook County and have lived in your property as your primary residence since January 1st of a particular calendar year, you are entitled to a Cook County Homeowner's Exemption, resulting in potential tax savings.  This is a simple form that should only have to be filled out one time, and again, filed once you have lived in the property at least one full calendar year starting on January 1st of that given year.  You can find this form at Nick's Link to the Cook County Homeowner Exemption Form

2.  To check if you have filed the proper Cook County property tax exemptions (and their status), go to Nick's Link to the Cook County Property Tax Exemption Search

3.  You will need your PIN number (Property Identification Number) to check the status (or to fill out any of the forms).  You can search for it here: Find Your Cook County Property Tax ID Number (PIN)

4.  Many Cook County residents forget to fill out this form the first year (or for several years after) they are eligible.  You can appeal at least 3 years of the homeowner's exemptions you missed by filling out this form for each year in question: How to File Your Homeowner's Exemption Appeal in Cook County

5.  In order to verify you lived at that residence January 1st of that year, you'll not only need to show your current Illinois driver's license with that as your address, but either a phone bill, voting record, or driver's license issued prior to that year also showing that address (full instructions on the form in item #4) but as several clients have indicated to me, the alternate option of having an Occupancy Affidavit filled out by a neighbor, friend, relative, etc not living with you AND notarized is easier to do.  That form can be found at: Nick's Link to the Cook County Occupancy Affidavit

While these forms and supporting documents can be mailed to the Cook County Assessor's office, I recommend you go there personally if possible (to be safe, bring your ID/driver's license and a recent property tax bill as well).  They are located at 118 N Clark St, Room 320 in Chicago. Their phone number is 312.443.7550 if you need clarity on any of the above, or to check their hours of operation for in person visits. Feel free to reach out directly to me via email if you need PDF copies of these forms (or printed copies, I'm happy to assist all past #TeamLibert clients and VIP friends with this road to savings!)